Failed attempt

For some weeks ago I was at an amazing restaurant here in Gothenburg. They offered small asian dishes with amazing different flavours. I tried to do a similar dish to my absolute favourite one, but I admit I failed somewhat. I have to go there again just to write down what I taste. At the restaurant … Continue reading Failed attempt

Simple pasta

When I was skiing in Zermatt last year I had the most delicious pasta that I now tried to do my version of. I made it extremely simple. I quickly fried together some chopped tomatoes, champignons, garlic and basil in a pan and stored in tagliatelle and olives, done. Continue reading Simple pasta


After a few nights in Krakow we went to a little village called Zakopane, situated just 2 hours by bus south of Krakow. It is well known as a destination for winter sports but now in summer it is perfect for hiking. There are many hiking routs to choose between and unfortunately we only had … Continue reading Zakopane