Swedish style chocolate balls – normal & vegan-raw style

Sweden is usually associated with cinnamon rolls, which I guess is the “big thing”. But in the shadow of the cinnamon roll’s fame we got out chocolate ball. It’s so common and so simple so no one really things about it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the most baked sweet in Sweden. It’s perfect when you … Continue reading Swedish style chocolate balls – normal & vegan-raw style


Yesterday after my studies me and dad had a nice lunch at the golf corse and after that I went with mum to the stable. I’m still, after all this years so amazed how she spends about 3-4 hours out there every single day. For her it’s just this kind of passion that never goes … Continue reading Horses


I have really found a harmony in being home. I’m still being a good student and dedicate my mornings to studying then when my brain get tired I go and do something creative. Now I have already started too many projects to be ably to finish before I’m heading back, but it’s just such the … Continue reading Simplicity