Father and I 

Today me and dad had what I would call a typical “señor and Jackie day”. We started the day with a real superb breakfast which included homemade bread, pancakes with homemade blueberry jam and ice coffee.  After running lots of errands, doing some shopping and of course having the biggest lunch ever we couldn’t let the … Continue reading Father and I 

My wake up blueberry smoothie with roasted rolled oats  Beautiful weathers means time for creative minds.  Then it was time to pick some more berries.  In the afternoon I went with my mum to the stable. We got a bit delayed in the stable so I put together a simple quiche but oh so delicious.  Continue reading


Yesterday me, my mom and sister went to Stockholm for a little day trip. We walked the whole way to Rosendals trädgård where we walked around and had lunch.  Then we walked back to city and went shopping. For some reason I’m not doing very well with my shopping lately. Confused of what sort of clothes … Continue reading Stockholm

My lovely morning coffe. I have so missed my beloved coffe grinder, now I can do proper coffe again for a little while before moving again.  An other morning run photo.  And my cousins cutipies telling me I did a good job.  For coffe break I enjoy my first glass of home made brewed ice … Continue reading


Me my self don’t have a name day since Jackie is not in the Swedish calendar. Like all kids I had a dream and like all parents they had to full fill it. So they decided to give me a name day anyway which we celebrate the day after mums name day so we got … Continue reading Fika-time


So, I love traditions and celebrations and if there are some that take those two thing to the next level it’s my family. Er celebrate name day. Yesterday I was t was my dads name day and today it’s my moms middle name-name day. Which includes some sort of celebration and gifts.  Here is my … Continue reading Festligheter