What a week

This week has certainly been unexpected. After partying on Saturday night, I woke up at Fanny’s place with a packed backpack ready for an escape. Everything almost went as planned, except that I woke up after a couples of hours sleep realizing I had gum in my hair, freaking out about it, then realizing I … Continue reading What a week

So close to freedom 

Time for our last exam this time. It’s been a full on start getting back to Gothenburg from home, got thrown straight into hard studying and hard reality. I’m been handling the mental pressure fairly good if I can say it myself, that done with food. But now it’s finally time for me to put … Continue reading So close to freedom 

New Years 

This New Years was spent with family and friends at our friends place up in Åre. We had three pretty bad skiing days, but except from that we are some next level good food and had such a cozy time.  My somewhat improvised bus oh so delicious New years drink. Multitasking when it’s as it’s best. Continue reading New Years