The final product 

Och så i år igen fick man försiktigt slå in den lite lätt otorkade dalahästen så att färgs inte skulle kleta av sig. Att man aldrig lär sig att göra saker i tid,  men såhär blev den: Once again I had to carefully wrap the slightly undried “dalarhäst” so the colours wouldn’t smear. Incredible that I … Continue reading The final product 

Aung Ban

On our hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake all of us clicked with our amazing guide Sunny. We then decided that instead of spending an other day in Nyaung Shwe we wanted to visit Sunny and his family. It was a bit tricky to get there, the first plan was to take a 40 minute bus … Continue reading Aung Ban

Kalaw 1.1

Our first full day in Nyaung Shwe, the city where Inle Lake is located. We rented bicycles and biked along the lake and halfway we took a boat over the lake so we could continue on the other side. Kalaw have such a nice morning market. I really couldn’t just walk past all the interesting looking … Continue reading Kalaw 1.1


I spent the amazing days in Bagan. It’s a pretty awesome place and with a rented e-bike you can go everywhere. Among this 2200 temples it’s easy to just ride around and enter anyone you like and best of all is that most of them will be completely empty just like you were the only … Continue reading Bagan 

Mandalay 1.1

Here are the monks lining up for their last meal of the day witch is served 10:00 every day. Then one of the monks showed me around the monastery and told me about his everyday life.  This guy is busy mass producing what looks like food for an army in the kitchen of the monastery.  Some … Continue reading Mandalay 1.1